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I've made an FA group just for you, called TheToyBox! There's a rules/info journal, a members' journal and a current contest journal linked in every new journal and on the profile page, so you can't miss them. 12 members so far and over 100 watchers! Once we hit 30 MEMBERS, I'll be doing 3 random sketches for 3 different members :) So join now and get your friends to join!

I SO want to draw a group image of ALL the members once we hit 30, but my god that would kill me. ;_; Perhaps it could be a group project! Have one person sketch their character, send it to another member for them to sketch/ink in their character, etc. until the pic is fully sketched/inked by everyone... then I could ink and/or color? That sounds fun :D SO MANY IDEAS BLURGHGHHKLSJGHJ.

Anyways, if you have a toy character, or plan on making one, go take a look! I would make the same group on here, but I just don't think I could keep up with it as easily as over there. OH, and it doesn't have to be furry - if you have a doll character that's human or some other creature, that's perfectly acceptable. I might be adding my own Boogle (ball-jointed doll/clown girl) as well :> As long as it looks like a toy :)
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Second time it's happened in my 7 years on dA! And I'm so glad it was on this:… because it gave me the opportunity to link to photos and educate people a bit on roaches, which is like, my goal in life, for anyone who knows me. They're so misunderstood and misrepresented.  I used to be a bit scared by them through my teens, but to show how drastically that's changed since simply educating myself on them, I now proudly display a tattoo of a roach:… It's now and will always be my favorite feature. I've educated a lot of strangers because of this tattoo. It makes me feel awesome.

I've dealt with some horrible crap because of my love of roaches, so pardon the incoming vent. Especially since the hissing cockroach birth video (as seen HERE:… ), I've received daily death threats, people saying I'm a "filthy slut" and "probably put roaches in my ___" amongst other disgusting things, and other pretty much daily insults from some random dark corner of the internet or another for loving these bugs. I could disable comments, sure, but even all this harassment is worth the few good comments, or the people asking questions that I'm able to answer. It's worth it to educate. You won't see 60% of the comments I get on that video, as I don't even bother to approve them. I only approve the ones that are from semi-intelligent people who are either asking questions, or who say I've changed their views on insects... which is the most wonderful thing I could hear.

It's really sad to me that it's more controversial to love insects than it is to love stomping on them to feel like a higher, more powerful and evolved being. Roaches haven't changed much since they came about the earth some 300+ million years ago, but that's because they're already perfect and don't need to change much to survive far longer than any of us will. :> We're not as high above them as we like to think we are. In fact, we're pretty devolved to not appreciate these creatures more than the useless furry things that provide us nothing but cuteness; roaches have given us far more advanced artificial hearts, serve as food to multitudes of larger (and even smaller) animals, some even pollinate and many farmers intentionally release them into crops to destroy certain pests. They help break down matter on the forest floors and have taught us much in our experimentation on them. That's why it BLOWS my mind that people are so quick to accept their hatred of them, hell, even EMBRACE and be proud of their phobia/hatred of them as though they're part of some tight-knit group.

I can understand struggling with an irrational phobia of something that can't actually hurt you, but I can't comprehend ACCEPTING a phobia of ANYthing simply because "it's icky" to you. Your human brain is advanced enough to go beyond such an ingrained, devolved comprehension of insects; use it to educate yourself before cursing an entire species of animal. Fear of insects is NOT genetic. It's a learned trait. Maybe your mom shrieked at a roach when you were a kid, and you went from eating bugs to smashing them. Maybe your dad works in pest control and you saw only the "evil" side of insects growing up and think they're all like that. Maybe a cartoon taught you your learned phobia. Either way, we all played with, observed, even ate bugs as a kid til our mother told us not to. I don't expect anyone to handle my insects or adore them when they come visit me, but I do expect them to tolerate them and keep their mouth shut. I've had people actually expect me to hide some of my pets when they come over. Sorry, no. They are my pets, and just the same, I'd never expect someone to put away their cat or dog (unless they've had a history of biting/attacking people, of course), I'd never go to a youtube video of someone's cat or dog and say, "ew, disgusting! Why would you keep such a nasty creature??" (however much I DO believe cats and dogs are, if anything, more gross and dangerous than any insects I keep), and I'd never EVER talk about how much I love crushing hamsters around someone (or anyone D: ) who clearly loves hamsters. Just because they're insects doesn't make them any less worthy of respect and appreciation than all the "cuter", more relatable animals in the world.

It's sad how many people can only see the black and white whenever I talk about this, thinking that I expect everyone to love and adore insects. The most I'd ever ask of anyone is to have the sense to understand all of these things and if you have a phobia that you are struggling with, either try to overcome it OR just stay AWAY from things that scare you, especially if you're prone to bursting into comment spewage about how much you hate the thing you intentionally clicked on. Don't go seeking out people who love the thing you're afraid of only to say something rude and pointless to them when you clearly are too blinded by your phobia/hatred to have anything reasonable to say that's worth hearing.

Anyway. Second DD ever, woo~
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Anyone up for one? Leave a comment with what you'd like in return! I will respond only to a couple people at most, so don't feel offended if you're not picked. And don't be intimidated if you see a lot of comments! (I doubt there will be many, as most people don't stay up til 5 a.m. browsing art sites and drawing like I do. P: ) I have something that I want in mind and will likely pick you based on how well I think you could portray it more so than anything else. :3 Wish I had money to commission people, but with bills and trying to save up for AC, I doubt I'll be commissioning nearly as often as usual for the rest of this year or longer. :c
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The rules are simple; give me a character, let me go wild with it and turn it into a surreal, dreamlike creature in a crazy world. Examples below. Feel free to make simple background/atmosphere/design suggestions, and let me know if you'd prefer your character to be REALLY surreal/barely recognizable (such as in below example #1), or if you'd prefer the environment to only slightly be affecting them (such as in below example #4). $50, up front, PayPal. Don't complain about the price, because I have no trouble getting full-color commissions w/backgrounds for $80+ on FA; I'm mainly offering these so cheap for fun and because I know the theme isn't going to be as popular as when I offer generic pin-ups (go fig). Will be doing these in between other commissions. Leave a comment w/ref and I'll get back to you asap. If your comment isn't replied to immediately, I still may offer to take it later. Thank you very much for your interest and helping me pay my rent.

(Will be posting them on dA soon.)

1. kcravenyote
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I'd love a badge of my new albino iguana girl, Gerine (uploads incoming) made by someone other than myself, anyone good at reptiles want to trade? I'd only be able to do yours digitally as I have few supplies for coloring. Leave a comment INCLUDING some examples of reptiles you've done, AND examples of what you'd like me to do in return. DO BOTH OF THESE THINGS PLEASE. THESE THINGS I JUST SAID. OF WHICH MOST PEOPLE WILL SKIP ANYWAYS LOL. :B I'm rather picky about my reptiles, I like them to be semi-realistic, detailed and expressive. Something full-body would be nice and I'd be happy to oblige the same in return. :3 Here are Gerine's details/refs so far:… /… (full body)… /… (painted bust)

Photo examples found on google to show just how varied the colors can be: (Some are male)……

Gerine is a female tangerine albino iguana. She has just about every color of the rainbow in her scales, but pink and orange should show through the most. Her dewlap is large for a female and mostly orange, and her muzzle is mostly a pale light blue. Eyes are hot pink and belly is typically green. Long spikes on head. Forked pink tongue with dark pink on the upper part of the tip. Big hips, long clawed fingers and two spikes on her nose. Everything else is up to your interpretation.

Fiesty but also lazy and reserved. Hates clothes, but may have the occasional accessory or two. Loves reading about dinosaurs and has a large collection of dino toys. She's very playful for her age and has a wide imagination. She loves cherries, banana, mango and greens, sunbathing, humid/tropical places, climbing... the usual things iguanas love.

Sorry for the short novel. :P
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I won't be opening for these yet, but when I do (probably in a few weeks, 3 at most), anyone want to hold a slot? These will be like former plushie commissions only more than half plushie rather than just patchy with stitches. That means the end result will be more detailed and obviously plushie, but will only vaguely look like your character. And thus, likely will be cheaper than my usual rates. The following examples are all that I have so far for this; the deluxe will look more wild with more patches, patterns, textures and stitches. But these are good examples for quality and such.

:bulletpurple: Full body color 2 char. interaction: $90
example:… (more than two but you get the idea)
:bulletblue: Full body color: $50
:bulletred: Full body color with loose lines: $30
:bulletgreen: Colored bust: $25
example: (no example yet)
:bulletyellow: Sketch: $20
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So um... anyone have any idea why people do this? Been alerted about this three times now. It's so damn creepy to use someone else's art/character to role play... and pretty lame, too. I doubt there's anything I can do about it, it's far from the first time this has happened, I'm just wondering like... why people are so creepy as to pretend to BE someone -else-'s PERSONAL character :S

Eesh, some of that art is so old it's not even posted online (by me) anymore. +10 creepy points.

I'm not sure who left all those nasty, even threatening comments on this girl's site, but you should be ashamed. You not only make yourself look bad, you likely made people think I sent people after her or that I have crazy fans. I didn't post this journal so you could go and make threats to a total stranger, no matter how dumb, insulting, disrespectful, etc. she may be. I should be able to vent in my journal and seek advice for how I can handle these things without people going and making things even more complicated and dramatic, but I guess I cannot.
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These:… are YooHoo & Friends. I was curious if anyone had them or would be willing to buy them for me in exchange for art. :B I'm only missing the ones not yet sold in America. I can buy or trade art of equal value.

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It's all here:…

And since none of you owe me a damn thing, if you have anything on that list that you'd be willing to sell, I'd just buy it from you! I hate how everything I love has to be obscure and hard to find, or stupid expensive XD Or, if you plan on getting me anything there, leave your wish list (of things of equal value) and I'll get you something in return <3
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I'm thinking of making a cooking/baking/kitchen-themed Langurhali art contest, where the prize will be to have your art featured in my Langurhali Cook Book (I'm thinking 2-3 first prize winners), and a cash prize or art from me of equal value. Runners up could have their Langurhali characters included in a group Langurhali picture done by me as one of the last images in the book; a big Langurhali feast around the giant Willow tree where they live : ) Still undecided on the $ amount, and undecided when I want to officially start the contest.

For those who don't know anything about the book, the last time I spoke about the Langurhali Cook Book was in '08:… and I've done little work on it since then. It makes me sad :c I know it will be done eventually, but it's taking so, SO much time and effort. I have taken photos of dozens of recipes, made a bit of art and made a Langurhali to be the "mascot" of sorts for the book (Nali, as seen here:… ). But there's still SO far to go, I need to save up the money to make the books to sell, find the right website to make the book itself, add more recipes, art, put the pages together... not all in that order, but yeah : P

Anyways! Would anyone be interested in this contest? It would obviously need to be art of a Langurhali, either one of my own or one of yours you've made. (For more information on my species the Langurhali, view :iconmutantcats: ) ALSO I am thinking it would make the most sense for the food drawn to be my own recipes, so I'd need to get that all in order first D: I think if I work hard enough at it, I could at least have photos of all my recipes by next year sometime. I have about 30 so far, but I wanted there to be somewhere near 100. To achieve this, obviously I need to actually MAKE the food and take photos of it, so I'm going to make a point to cook/bake at least one recipe per week til they're all done.

I think the contest would be a good way to advertise the book, a fun way to be part of it, and would be more fun to look through if it weren't just all my own artwork :)
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I'm looking to trade art for Copic sketch markers! I'd love a bunch of Copic sketch markers to start, since I have -zero- now *Grumble* and I still owe some ATC trades and a traditional commission. It seems that sells Copic sketch markers at $3.95 each. That's a great price, but I would like to get a bunch at once rather than just buy a few per month. So how does this sound, you buy me Copic sketch markers from that site (or a better one if you can find them cheaper), and I draw you equal value inked art (my inks are normally $25 and I'm rounding up to $4 each on the markers) in return? Here are some examples:……………
(You can specify if you want bolder lines or colored lines or not, as a whole or individually.)

What do you get in return? How about -
36 color set = 6 inked characters
72 color set = 12 inked characters
For those of you who don't like anything without colors, I am willing to negotiate on that. Keep in mind my full-color work is generally $60 and up depending on detail/specifics.

Remember: Copic SKETCH, meaning the kind where one side is a brush, like this:… . If you buy individually, color-wise, I'd take anything. I used to mostly use lighter shades, grays, and the colorless blender a good bit.

All that I ask is you keep it fairly simple since I'd like to be able to get all the drawings done in this lifetime; one sentence descriptions for each image, tops, and one small edit permitted per drawing. Reference images are a HUGE plus; I much prefer working from images than written descriptions. They'd be digital, and could have more than one character in each image. Any rating. Prefer drawing females. I can't say exactly how long these would take, I suppose it depends on the complexity of the characters and how many I have to do, etc... but I should HOPE that I would get them all done before early '11. I DO expect the markers to get to me before I begin any work. Don't worry; I have hundreds of unique positive references. If I for some reason can't get all the drawings done in the time I said or if we just don't work well together, I'd refund you the money you spent on the Copics (or partial if I got some works completed) immediately.

And don't worry, current commissioners... I'd be working on these in between standing commissions or squeezing them into my usual "days off" from commission work.
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IMPORTANT prices/terms info here -…

My computer is still down so I can't work on wip commissions, and I really wanted to do SOMEthing Halloween-y this year as a commission special, so I figured I'd take a few traditional media sketch/ink commissions before Halloween. The special? If you choose, I'll throw in one of my own characters for free! Your character and one of mine could be giving out Halloween candy, eating candy, getting in their costumes, scaring children, devouring a corpse as zombies, anything as long as it's not porny. Use your imagination! Here's a list of some of my characters. I have too many to list them all but here are some anyways =P (Some may be links to FurAffinity)… -and-… -and -…
Blattahali (cockroach) Vera -…
Plushie Vera -…
Pravusali (furless) Vera -… -and-…
Oryx Vera (I gotta lota Veras lol) -…
Ingrid -…
Vitrea -…
Grizzy -…
Nali -…
Tei -…
Gracklina -…
Gertrude -… -and-…
Opal -… -and-…
Celie -… -and-…
Valdis -… -and-…
Solene -…
Clefty -… (1) -and-…
Verruci -… (3)
Yana -…
Conjuka -…
Minna -…
Aya -…


SLOTS (in order of payment received)
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Read there for info :)
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View this public LJ entry if you think you might have some of these old toys lying around in your attic or something and would like to pawn them off for art! --->… <--- Each item is clickable so you can easily see images to go along with the names, just in case you think you might have something but don't know the name of it! Don't ask what I'm looking for; just send me a message with a description or better yet, photos of what you have available. :3 I can also link you to sites for each item that show their values, in case you're worried about getting ripped off! ;D If you're REALLY lazy, here's a shorter, summarized list of the things I'm currently after the MOST:

- JURASSIC PARK: Mainly after hatchlings which came with humans, the Chaos Effect Mobile Command Center, and various other dinos from common to rare.
- DINO BRITES / DINO MITES: Hard to find little plastic neon-colored dinosaurs. I only have 8 currently though I had about 80 when I was little.
- HOOKS PLUSHES by Mattel: A short-lived series of oddities that didn't get very popular, but I always adored them. There aren't many I'm missing, but I could use some "upgrades" on ones I already have.
- MONSTER IN MY POCKET: I had tons of these as a kid; they tormented the Puppy In My Pockets. :P Currently have very few though! And especially after the Dinosaurs :)
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So I was thinking of holding a contest for people to design Langurhali ( :iconmutantcats: ) characters for everyone to vote on and choose as the club's "mascot" of sorts. It's a freshly new thought I just had today so I am not sure of anything just yet... what would you guys think? I'm not sure what kind of prizes I could offer; I'm broke and have next to no time between commissions to work on something like this... but I was thinking I could do a drawing of whatever Langurhali you would think up? It would mainly just be something for people to do for fun, and even non-artists could participate by supplying a description and letting everyone use their imagination for how it would look.

I'm not really even sure how the group could benefit from a mascot aside from advertising XD Like I said, it would just be something that would hopefully be fun for people to try out, and would hopefully encourage more activity for the club in general :)

Also, if anyone's SO EXCITED about this that they can't control their bowels can't wait and want to draw up an entry now, please wait a little while til I get everything sorted first! I figure I'll make a little "form" to fill out to describe their personality, backstory, age, and any other details as well :3 I also need to use this contest as an excuse to make a shortened description of what a Langurhali actually is and what makes them a Langurhali; certain little details that people skip over such as the magnetic implants, the difference between an elder and born Langurhali, the innerworkings of their anatomy, etc...

OH, and I finally fixed it so that you can join the group by clicking the button on the front page! Sorry it took me this long to figure it out! XD;
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I made this club 4 years ago, and I keep forgetting about it! Please join and consider making your own Langurhali character; there are so many awesome Langurhali so far (nearing a hundred, I believe!), and I have a lot of plans for the club in the future when I get more time. I want to add a journal with a list of every single Langurhali ever created, with links (mostly from FA and here) to the art that's been created of them. I have a long list of new Langurhali, myself I need to flesh out in art form and post soon :)

If you have already made a Langurhali character, I hope you've not forgotten him/her and will eventually create more art of them. :) I love to see drawings of the Langurhali in their natural element, doing menial every-day things and showing their playful spirit. It warms my heart to see my species flourish; it makes my world feel that much stronger when I know there are others creating more and more Langurhali to thrive in it :) Thank you.

I think I already added this in a journal somewhere, but here's a little summarized physical description of what the usual Langurhali looks like, for future reference if you so choose to make one :)

A Langurhali is a creature that is half feline, half human, and can have traits of other animals as well, as long as the MAIN features are feline. They ALWAYS have horns (unless they saw them off for whatever reason), which can be any size or shape, though the males' are generally larger, thicker, and less colorful/patterned. Females often paint their horns, and sometimes males, though they use them too frequently for it to last long. They usually have at least one dot somewhere on their face - can be up to 12. These dots are only on the elders (aka, the first set of Langurhali created genetically; all other Langurhali are born of these elders), which you're free to create one of if you like - though it must be an adult Langurhali, as Vera is, and with relatively large horns to show the age.

Langurhali may live to be hundreds of years old. They live in a place called Willora, which is a secret place on earth filled with alien plant and life forms, all surrounded by a massive weeping willow tree which is the source of their energy, life and memories (Believe it or not, I thought this up long before I knew of Avatar :P). If humans were to discover the tree, they would consider it to be magic, though in reality it's an extremely scientifically advanced life form, made powerful after thousands of years of growth and evolution in and of itself. Most all the Langurhali live inside the tree; either in the roots or in the canopy, for the more arboreal individuals of the species.

Langurhali are almost always fluffy, exotic looking and with a primitive appearance that shows they are not at all civilized or of the human world, and live their lives in nature. They wear minimal clothing, but their genitals/nipples may be covered in fur. They can have digitigrade or plantigrade feet, though they are normally quite large and fluffy with rabbit-like, thick, long fluff on the underside. Langurhali almost always have odd-colored skin, which shows in their lips, nose, eyelids, nipples, genitals, inner ears, the skin around their claws, pawpads, and sometimes even in their internal organs. This skin can be -any- color... orange, purple, white... can be splotchy, stripey or almost any natural or unnatural pattern. Langurhali can have any kind of fur print/markings, even ones that are not of any earthly animal. Can be zig-zagged, spots mixed with stripes, or even giraffe print! Go wild with their fur patterns, as well as their hair and horns.

Langurhali have long, retractable claws on their fingers and feet. They are clumsy runners, but excellent tree climbers and fighters. They're almost always highly flexible, at least as much so as a moderately skilled human contortionist, and their physical limits are almost none when it comes to the twisted poses they can get themselves into. This is partially because of their feline genes, but also because of the many years most Langurhali spend training to be as flexible and powerful as possible in case their land of Willora is ever threatened. Their ears are always enormously fluffy, and usually droop down because of the weight. The MAIN and most IMPORTANT thing to remember when making a Langurhali is their tails - Langurhali are ALL capable of stretching their tail to lengths of at least 3 times the length of their body. Because of the way their bones, cartilage, and ligaments are composed in their tails, the thick vertebrae are capable of stretching apart and back together easily, while retaining their massive strength and amazing flexibility. Also, they are always incredibly prehensile, much like a monkey's. They can be short haired, long haired, or have a huge bushy end. They can even have scales, if you like... keeping in mind that the character should be mainly feline. They're still an incredibly variable species; as you can add more than 2 horns, tentacles, more than 2 eyes (as Vera has 3!), more than 1 tail, more limbs, missing limbs, etc! Use your imagination to make YOUR Langurhali stand out from the rest :)

(yes, in fact this WAS summarized!) XD
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I feel like an ass making requests, but I have no time for trades, and I'd love to have more art done of my king vulture character, Valdis. She's quite simple; just a king vulture in appearance. Here are a few examples of her:…… (I'll be uploading this one when I get more time)… (by Thornwolf!)… by Zenithfoxie! <3

She's whimsical, playful and curious... and loves hot tea, adorning herself with Mayan hieroglyph jewelery, and nomming on carcasses. :> Her crop is visible right after eating, and she loves tropical environments. Don't ask me how she sips her tea. ;)

Oh, and here's the wiki article for king vultures, some fun info there:…

The world needs more avian anthros! <3
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Changing an old journal entry to an entry with written and visual info on all about my main characters, for easy reference :>

Regular VERA:
Vera is a Langurhali, a species I made... basically a cat monster. She's very tall, muscular but still feminine with firm, yet soft curves. Her fur is long and hairlike, like a persian cat, especially on her very long tail which is 3 times the length of her body. Her eyes are deep hot pink (all 3 of them). Her tongue, inner ears, nose, lips, nipples and any other showing flesh is fleshy pink with a dark grayish-purple mottling. She has a more feral physiology than most anthros, with a very feline face, thicker, stubbier fingers, barely humanistic legs, and she also has 4 sets of nipples, but only two may be showing since the others aren't typically fatty so they are hidden in her fur. Her very long (always at least to her butt) hair may be dark plum, dark yellow-green, or burgundy and is usually tangled with leaves, bugs and sticks from climbing trees all the time. She usually ties it back with yarn. Loves: slime, bugs (especially cockroaches), mushrooms, eyeballs, tea, dinosaurs, monsters, moss, swirls, sewing, tropical climate, fruit, mud, guts, reptiles, long socks and mad science.

Same as above, only in plush form. Many of her details aren't dead-set as she's a plushie - she alternates her patches and such all the time. Yarn hair, button eyes and nipples, various patches relating to her character, white stuffing for her fatty parts and plushie guts made with a smooth fabric. Her insides are typically home to many insects (Oogie Boogie, much?), mainly cockroaches, beetles and moths.

Very different from her usual form, cockroach Vera or "Blattahali" Vera is covered in a thick, almost black exoskeleton with black teeth and hot pink "hair" which is actually setae (chitinous insect "hair") complete with sensory capabilities. Vera's blood in this form is orange, despite a cockroach's blood typically being colorless. Only adult females which are producing eggs have a slightly orange blood because of the protein vitellogenin, which is made in the cockroach liver. But if her blood is showing, I would prefer it to have an orange-ish hue. If this form of Vera were to produce offspring, they would be laid in eggs and would hatch as non-anthro cockroaches which would resemble her only in coloration and pattern.

Valdis is a 4' tall female king vulture with a wingspan of about 6 ft. She can't fly, but she can glide a bit. She has a very pleasant, friendly nature despite being a voracious predator, and even eats the guts of her prey with a gleeful smile. I like to imagine her looking innocent while disemboweling someone :> She's basically just your average king vulture with super light blue eyes and a colorful head, only with a feminine body and feathers covering her breasts and crotch.

Some notes: She tends to prefer going nude with the exception of Mayan-inspired jewelery, as king vultures appeared in a variety of Maya hieroglyphs in Mayan codices. For some ideas: She can be innocently nomming on random guts, drinking tea, grooming, reading a book, or just smiling and looking pleasant and friendly. Oh, and her crop may optionally be showing.

More to be added later x___x
  • Drinking: chai tea… Slime contest ends in 5 DAYS. I bumped it up just a bit. Will update that journal once it's over.

I thought I'd add some comment suggestions and etiquette here, just so you all know what to expect as far as what kinds of comments/commenters will likely get blocked or hidden on my page. I have personal peeves, just the same as everyone else. Obviously, you're not obligated to go by this, but it's appreciated if you can skim over it and consider it. :)

Before critiquing, editing my art or using my characters... ASK ME if it's okay first. Yeah, yeah, "artists should have thicker skin" blabla, but this doesn't apply to everyone - not everyone is here to hear how others think they should change or improve. To ME, it's only common sense to ask first before you critique and -especially- before you redline or edit my work. I'm far from the only artist with this preference. Also, don't presume that if you critique me or commission me, I'm going to bow at your feet and have the patience of a saint if you are in any way impolite or ignorant as to how to leave helpful crits or how to commission an artist. There's being grateful, and then there's just being a welcome mat. I am respectful and patient with you as long as you are respectful and patient with me. Do not expect me to read your mind, and do not ask me to edit works after you've already said you were happy with them. Also, don't get in a tizzy if I delete your commission (or anything else) from my gallery; it's mine to do with as I please, just as the commission is yours to do with as you please.

Respect the fact that I do not want critique and that I am not a "professional" artist. I do this for fun. The commissions I do, I also do for fun as well as for a challenge, and for money. I don't do this as a career and I don't really care about perfecting my abilities as an artist. That doesn't mean I'm not still an artist, and that doesn't mean my art isn't just as "worthy" of being considered/enjoyed. Some artists are more serious about their art being perfect, I am not. However, I DO take art very personally and I don't like my art to be used without permission. Common courtesy, if you ask me and most any other artist.

Obviously, do not insult me or talk behind my back. Two-faced people irritate me more than just about anything. If you're caught, I'll block you and you won't be getting second chances. It's completely lame to enjoy an artist's work while talking shit about them at the same time. Cowards and shit-stirrers are not welcomed here. Also, leave semi-intelligent comments. This is for your own benefit, mainly, and for the good of this site. Some sites like FA are known for their YouTube-like commenters, and that alone causes artists to shy away from being active on those sites.

Something to remember: You may not get the critique or comments you desire, but don't let that keep you from imagining what it is like on the flip-side. Getting so much of the same kind of rudeness is maddening after a while. You may be desperate for ANY kind of attention, but I'm not. That doesn't make me ungrateful. Getting so much shit all the time makes a person feel overwhelmed, bitter and stressed. I'd give anything to have the smaller audience that some of you have.

The main thing people have said when I told them their critique wasn't needed or wanted is that they can comment with whatever they please and share their opinions however they like. While this is true, it's also true that I can filter people and comments from commenting on my works however *I* like. If your comment is deleted or you become blocked, have some pride and dignity, suck it up, and move on - don't run off and make a journal dissing me, it's just sad to see people making further asses of themselves by seeking the confirmation from their followers that they weren't in the wrong and pointing fingers at people, thus getting them spammed with trolls who don't know the full story, but enjoy having any opportunity to let out some of their frustrations on someone they hardly even know.

In closing, I'm only a bitch to rude-ass idiots. So if you're not a rude-ass idiot, no need to find me intimidating; you'll do fine commenting on my page as long as you have a brain. :> Also, if you do know me but have a problem with me... fucking say so. For Christ's sake. Don't run to drama-ridden communities to side with haters just because you're pouting over something I may have said or done that frilled your feathers. Maybe YOU are the ones who should get thicker skin.
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I like slime. I think there is an extreme shortage of slime art, whether done as a fetish or not. Blobs/jello don't really count... what I love is oozy, icky, snotty SLIME. Putrid green, rotten purple, festering yellow... any color (preferably not white. *cough*), any amount, but preferably in copious amounts. :>

It's fun to use your imagination with slime... it could be bubbly monster snot, Ghostbusters-style ecto-plazm-related, TMNT Retromutagen-style slime, a living slime monster enveloping one of my characters, or one of them sitting surrounded by tons of plastic vending machine capsules in order to acquire handfuls of slime to play with (which I did often as a kid.) :>

Slime should look slimy. It should not be too watery, or too thick. for examples/inspiration, look HERE:……

Character-wise, I have many that enjoy slime that you have the option of drawing. Mainly Vera (Normal:… Pravusali(furless):… &… , but also:
Valdis the vulture:…
Gertrude the...thing:…
Gracklina the Poleepkwa:…

At least one of those should be in the image. Vera can also be drawn with Nae for extra points! =P -…
Can be flirtatious and/or suggestive ONLY if Vera and Nae are involved, but preferably not mature. Definitely NO sexual situations involving your character with any of my characters. YOU MAY draw your own character involved, as long as it's not sexual, and at least one of my characters is pictured as well.

I'll be judging these specifically according to the effort put in, the accuracy to characters, the realistic-ness of the slime, talent, style and imagination. Extra points may be given for other things included that I like, such as bugs/roaches, balloons, guts and gore, clowns, eyeballs, monsters, eyeballmonsters, socks, and other such things that strike my fancy. If you want more ideas, just note me and I'd be happy to share more of my interests to inspire you. :)

If up to 10 entries, 1st place gets a 1 character full-colored drawing + $10.
If up to 30 entries, 1st place gets a 1 character full-colored drawing + $20, 2nd place gets a 1-character shaded sketch + $10.
If more than 40 entries, 1st prize gets a 2 character full-colored drawing + $20, 2nd place gets a 2-character shaded sketch + $10, 3rd place gets a 1-character shaded sketch.

I wish I could offer more ;.;

Deadline = November 30. That's over TWO MONTHS from now. I will only bump it up if there are a lot of entries that are not yet completed, but are at least started. If I wind up bumping it up, it may only be for one week, so try and aim for the 15th if you want to be sure to make it!

~Entries will go here~